Tips on How to Grow Hair Faster

For the few that are very lucky, it just happens that they have a long hair. But for others, it takes them a lot of effort, patience and others changes to hair care routine. Everyone wants to have long natural hair, but sometimes it becomes so hard for some people to do it. However, if you feel as if your hair is not growing as long as you want it to or as quickly as you want, then here we have listed tips that will lead you in improving your hair.

Distribute Your Hairs Natural Oil

long black hairWhen you are tired is always tempting for you to sleep with uncombed hair, but brushing your hair before going to bed is good for its health. For your scalp, you should use a brush with a boar bristle so that you can apply your scalp oil equally on to the hair so that it stays moisturized. This step when done every night it will improve circulation, which aids in making the scalp healthier.


Get Frequent Trims

It may seem to be not essential, but then if you need long hair which is healthy, then you will be required to trim your hair regularly. Hair trimming might not enable your hair to overgrow, but it helps to remove split ends which break your hair. Preventing breakage shows that the hair is overgrowing. Breaking split ends can cause a loss in the length, smoothness, volume and shinning of your hair.

Keep Your Scalp Healthy

The growth of your hair begins with having a healthy scalp. Once you treat and cleanse your scalp using ingredients that are healthy, then you get beautiful, healthy hair. If you don’t know about the health of your scalp, the do root lifts test. Hair that is healthy, it should contain same root thickness up to the end. If you have thin ends, then you should rethink your regimen hair care.

Skip the Daily Shampoo

sample of a shampooYou might have heard people say that the lead to fantastic hair is by doing no shampoo. However, it’s beneficial to your hair. When you shampoo your hair twice or thrice in a week, it helps your natural scalp oils enter your hair letting it repair itself and hydrate as well.

Be Careful When you Brush Wet Hair

Your hair will break a lot when you brush it while still wet. However, if you want to remove those knots, then brush it with a brush that won’t destroy the hair strands. You can use a wet brush or tangle teezer to brush your wet hair. When combing, begin slowly brushing with the ends and gradually move up. Additionally, do not comb the top part brush the underneath of your hair.