Cardio is the short form of cardiovascular exercise. Cardio can as well mean “relating to the heart”. Therefore, cardiovascular exercise is the type of body workout that boosts your heart functioning. It is the reason all fitness plans require a cardiovascular exercise as an essential component.

Most individuals exercise with the hope that they kmnb3e5dt53te6y37u282will utilize excess calories since they use a lot of energy while working out. Cardiovascular exercises are good for the body, brain, and the heart but the focus in this article is mainly the benefits towards the health of the heart.

Cardiovascular diseases are primarily caused by the following four sedentary risk factors: smoking, obesity, high blood pressure and abnormal values for blood lipids. Researchers have shown that a reduction in the impact of these factors leads to a decrease in the chance of experiencing a heart attack or encountering any other cardiac event such as stroke. It also reduces the likelihood of needing a coronary revascularization procedure.

Cardio Benefits

Regular cardiovascular exercise plays a great role in keeping the risk factors at bay. Below are the ways in which cardio exercise benefits your health as well as that of the heart.

Weight Loss

Exercise boosts weight reduction and will eventually cause a decrease in the blood pressure levels. This is necessary for the heart since it is not strained when it is operating at regular pressure rates. This reduces the risk of contracting cardiac related lifestyle complications such as high blood pressure.

Reduction of Cholesterol Levels

Cardio exercises cut down cholesterol in the blood. High cholesterol levels cause coronary thrombosis which is a condition of the arteries. Coronary thrombosis emerges when too much cholesterol has attached itself to the inside walls of the arteries reducing the girth of the arteries and, therefore, causing a high blood pressure. Exercising helps burn out this fat and lessen the chance of contracting cardiac-related complications.

Improved Heart Muscles

We never realize that our heart is the pinnacle of all muscles in our body, and just like any other typical muscle, it is supplemented by exercise. Exercises lead to a rise in the heart rate for a short period, and this serves as a remedy for the heart. Lack of cardio exercise leads to a weakened heart and may even lead to heart failure if the risk factors prevail.

Though the effect of a fitness plan on a single risk factor may be minimal, the overall effect of continued cardio exercise on the cardiovascular risk when blended with lifestyle modifications (smoking cessation and healthy eating) for the better, can cause a dramatic impact.

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