Pros and Cons Of Sleep Disorder

A sleep disorder is a medical problem or condition that mainly affects ones sleeping pattern. There are different types of sleep disorders with some posing a great danger to the individuals suffering from this condition. Some of these disorders are serious enough such that they interfere with the normal emotional, mental, physical and social functioning of the person.

The most common symptoms of this conditions are; anxiety, circadian rhythm, depression and neurological conditions. Sleep-disorder is caused by a number of issues, starting from bruxism which is commonly known as teeth clenching to night terror.


Insomnia is a common type of sleep disorderkmnb3e5dt63ey72u82 that is mainly involved with difficulties in falling asleep or staying asleep for a longer time than normal. Other types of sleep-disorder include parasomnias, dyssomnias and sleeping sickness. Night terror is caused by abrupt awakening during the night and sleep walking.

Some sleep disorders come as a result of medical conditions while others are caused by natural occurrences or emotional, physical, emotional and mental mishaps. Treatment of these conditions can be categorized into various categories depending on the types. Some of these treatments include medication, rehabilitation, somatic treatment and psychotherapy. The best way to solve these disorders is first identifying the root cause and analyzing the behavior of the patient.

Psychotherapeutic approach

Psychotherapeutic approach is the most recommended way of treating the disorders. This is because one can identify what affects them be it a physical, mental or an emotional ordeal. Once it has been identified, they can visit a psychiatrist who can help them solve the disorder. Some disorders need special equipment to control. These apply to the long-term disorders that are severe to the patient. It also applies to those that have accepted to live with the disorder.

Due to the kmnb35edr5t3e6y72u28i29advancement of science and technology in the field of medicine, there has been invention and discovery of medicines that have been helping cure these disorders. The scientists gave out their utmost attention to primary disorders and introduced new medicine such as sleep apnea and REM sleep. Sleep medicines are now recognized all over the world and are prescribed as family medicine.

Sleep disorders are very common among people, and it’s about time that everyone should analyze their sleeping habits frequently to check on unusual occurrences. Sleep disorder not only affects the or changes the sleeping habit but can also be identified if one notes that other organs of the body such has arms, legs or even starts moving involuntarily or the sudden urge to move muscles.